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The Prayer Wheel Shop is a small group of Buddhist artists who make the world’s finest prayer wheels.  Each prayer wheel is handmade with love and mindfulness out of sustainably harvested wood following Tibetan Buddhist traditions.  Our prayer wheels contain millions of Buddhist mantras or prayers printed on microfilm. Our mission is to benefit all sentient beings by inspiring love, compassion and mindfulness in the world through our artworks.

Check out our shop page to see our latest available prayer wheels and other artworks currently for sale.  We usually sell new pieces quite fast, but we also add new prayer wheels to our store regularly as soon as we complete them.  So if you don’t see what you were looking for right now, check back in from time to time. You can also contact us about ordering a custom prayer wheel or commissioning a custom art installation.  During your visit, be sure to check out our blog page and have a look at the ever expanding collection of articles, links and teachings on offer about prayer wheels, tibetan buddhism and us.

Prayer Wheel Shop

The World's Finest Prayer Wheels

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    Mani Prayer Wheel Mini 320$
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    Vajra Recitation Prayer Wheel Mini 308$
  • Mani Table Top Maple
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    Mani Table Top Maple 360$
  • PW1463 Yamantaka Prayer wheel
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    Yamantaka Manjushri Prayer Wheel Standard 345$
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    Mani Prayer Wheel Mini 268$
  • Yamantaka Prayer Wheel Mini
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    Yamantaka Prayer Wheel Mini 308$
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