About Our Prayer Wheels

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Our Prayer Wheels are made individually using modern engineering techniques while still following traditional Tibetan Buddhist guidelines according to the guidance of our guru H.E. Garchen Rinpoche.  We strive to make the highest quality prayer wheels in the world.  Here is what we think sets them apart:

Our Sustainable Practices: Following Buddhist Ethics to Reduce Our Environmental and Social Impact

We try our best to reduce our negative impacts on the planet and it’s inhabitants in every aspect of our operations.  Here’s how:
-We hand select each piece of wood we use for quality and beauty. We use only woods from inside our local community in Portland, Oregon.  This eliminates the massive carbon footprint and environmental degradation created by shipping lumber around the world.  In addition, by using only local sustainably harvested woods, we avoid contributing to tropical deforestation and the destructive forestry practices that are commonly found in many countries.
-Our prayer wheels are finished with a durable, non toxic and chemical free finish made from all natural ingredients.
-Thanks to the amazing renewable power programs available in Oregon, 100% of our electricity is from green renewable power sources.
-We follow Buddhist business ethics of right livelihood and harmlessness. We continually look for ways to do things that are more harmonious, even when it costs a little more or takes more time.
Claro walnut prayer wheels
Sustainably harvested claro walnut wood from Portland, Oregon.

Our Prayer Wheels

-We use high quality sealed ball bearings and components inside our prayer wheels, so they spin smoothly and last a lifetime.

-The outside of our prayer wheels can be engraved with a selection of Buddhist mantras or left natural to highlight the beauty of the wood according to your preferences.  We can work with you to custom design artwork for the outside of your prayer wheel according to your wishes.

-Inside, our Prayer Wheels are filled with Buddhist mantras printed on microfilm. Each frame of the microfilm contains hundreds of mantras, and each prayer wheel can hold tens or hundreds of millions of mantras or prayers.  We fill our standard prayer wheels with a combination of the OM MANI PADME HUNG (or Chenrezig) mantra and the TARA mantra (OM TARE TUTARE TURE SVAHA).  These are the mantras of the male and female Buddhas of compassion.  If you order a custom prayer wheel, we can fill the inside with whatever combination of prayers or mantras you wish.

-We fill our prayer wheels according to instructions received from H.E. Garchen Rinpoche.  We also follow all traditional Tibetan Buddhist guidelines for filling prayer wheels, statues and stupas, using mandalas and prayers in the correct order to consecrate the prayer wheel as a holy object.  These include the earth and sky wheels and the lifetree mantras following the teachings of Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Stunning highly figured Flame Box Elder wood.
Stunning highly figured Flame Box Elder wood.