Moving Sale!

Posted by shea whitsett on August 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hello Everyone, We’re Moving to an Amazing New Space!

So We’re Having a Moving Sale!

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After two and a half years in a small rented shop space, The Prayer Wheel Shop has finally secured a larger long-term woodshop and studio space in Portland, Oregon!  As anyone familiar with Portland knows, it’s not easy finding affordable creative space for artists here.  So we are thrilled to be moving to this much larger space with a secure stable long-term arrangement.  The increased work space and better facilities are going to allow the continued creation of the world’s finest prayer wheels in the coming years.

Along with the upgraded space we will be investing some money into a couple of new machines and some refined production techniques that we have been working on developing for the last year.  Together, all of this will bring our prayer wheels to a new level of quality and refinement, continuing our mission to continuously create better and better prayer wheels. We expect to be putting out our best work yet, after the coming transition is complete.

To make this transition possible, and to get a fresh start with our move, we will be having a HUGE MOVING SALE! on all the remaining pieces in our inventory. We need to raise capital for this big transition by finding a new home for all the amazing prayer wheels we have finished right now.  Help support us by adopting a prayer wheel!

We will not be taking any more custom work on in august and we will be taking a break from making new prayer wheels for our online store until sometime in September.   What we currently have will all be on sale until it’s all sold or the end of August, while we move into our new space. So take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a massive discount on some of our most amazing work and support us by checking out our sale.

We also have some high quality Thangkas we brought back with us from Tibet that we are offering at incredible prices to help fund our move.  Check it out!

May all Sentient beings be benefitted!