Wood Choices

Wood Choices

We offer several choices of sustainably harvested local Oregon hardwoods. The photo gallery at the bottom of the page highlights some of our wood choices. Our three standard woods are:

Standard prayer wheel woods
Left to Right:
Walnut, Cherry, Maple


 We always carry these three standard woods.   NOTE: Cherry wood starts out a very light color, only slightly darker than maple, when newly finished.  It turns a deep reddish color slowly over time as it is exposed to light.  It takes a couple years for it to reach it’s full deep rich reddish color.


In addition we always carry AAA grade figured versions of both walnut and maple:

prayer wheel shop
Figured Walnut
Curly Maple
Figured Maple



Other woods shown below are available only when we can find them. Contact us for a list of the woods we currently have available.

Why won’t we use tropical hardwoods for your custom prayer wheel?

We choose not to use woods from outside of our region for several reasons.  Many of the world’s forestry industries are poorly regulated or outright illegal commercial operations that contribute to tropical deforestation, species extinction, global warming and even slavery and warfare.  It can often be difficult to assure that tropical lumber comes from sustainable and socially responsible sources.  Shipping lumber around the world also creates a massive carbon footprint contributing to global warming and other types of environmental degradation.  In addition, we live in the Oregon, which is filled with an abundance of some of the most beautiful woods on earth, grown and harvested with sustainable practices.  So for us, the choice is clear, and we’re sorry but we won’t make you something using tropical hardwoods.