Engraving Custom Prayer Wheels

Humans have been creating carvings and paintings to express spirituality since ancient times when we lived in caves.  This form of sacred art is thousands of years old and today we continue this ancient tradition on our prayer wheels. Using modern techniques we engrave mantras, line drawings and custom artwork onto our prayer wheels with incredible detail and accuracy.  We offer several of the most popular Buddhist mantras that we carve into the outside of our prayer wheels in several stunning Sanskrit and Tibetan fonts. We have painstakingly created these images specifically for our prayer wheels in collaboration with Buddhist scholars.

We also do many other types of custom artwork and engraving, from images of Buddhas and Tantric deities, to flowing lotus petals or gem studded prayer wheels.   Contact us to discuss the feasibility and cost of commissioning custom artwork.

Standard Engraving Options

Mani Mantra– The Chenrezig or Avalokiteshvara mantra is the primary Buddhist mantra used in prayerwheels and often carved into stones across Asia.  According to Buddhist scriptures its benefits are immense and simply seeing or hearing it brings great benefits to sentient beings. We offer it in 3 beautiful sacred fonts, Sanskrit, Tibetan and a fine Tibetan Cursive


Mani Engravings

Tara Mantra– Tara is the female Buddha of Compassion.  She is revered as the protectress and compassionate mother of all sentient beings.  Our guru H.E. Garchen Rinpoche has a special connection with Tara and we put Tara’s mantra in all our prayer wheels.  We offer Green Tara and White Tara engraving in Tibetan Font (Note: White Tara mantra is long and will not fit on mini size prayer wheels)

tara engravings

Vajra Guru Mantra- Guru Rinpoche is a well known buddhist figure specific to Tibetan Buddhism.  We offer the Vajra Guru mantra in Tibetan Script.

guru rinpoche engraving

Amitabha Mantra- We offer the Amitabha mantra in Tibetan Script that was handwritten by one of our Buddhist teachers Venerable Traga Rinpoche.

Amitabha Engraving

Liberation Upon Seeing and Pema Ushnisha Mantra- It’s said in scriptures that seeing or walking underneath these mantras purifies negative karma and brings great benefit to sentient beings.  We engrave them in Sanskrit script. (Liberation on Seeing will not fit on mini prayer wheels)

Liberation Engraving


Here’s a gallery of what the engraving looks like on some of our prayer wheels.  Shown are the standard engravings and a small selection of some of our custom art works as well.

We usually color the engraving in gold or silver but can use any colors on request.